I've stayed away from watching Louie, because even though Louis CK is my favorite living comedian, his previous show, Lucky Louie, was such a train wreck that I couldn't bring myself to watch his new show until the other day, when I decided to watch a couple of episodes on Netflix.

After the first couple of episodes, which I thought were a bit hit-and-miss, I found myself really digging Louie. It's so unflinchingly funny and uncomfortable that, by the time I got through the first season last night, I thought, "I guess the people on Fresh Air weren't exaggerating when they heaped praise on the show at every opportunity—this is something special." The episode "God," in particular, was so unlike just about any sitcom episode I've seen that by the end I couldn't get past, "What in the world did I just watch? I'm not sure, but I think this is some kind of genius."

Plus it's got CK's usual brand of humor throughout, including this response to an anti-masturbation activist who says that the only acceptable outlet for sexuality is sex within marriage, which God oversees approvingly: "Wait a minute, you mean that God watches married people having sex? So we're, like, porn for God? He watches us, and then He probably masturbates."