...but, well, there it is. (Probably TMI to follow.)

So a couple of weeks ago I was away for several days. To make a long story short, my grandmother had a heart attack, and, due to a combination of factors both within and outside of my control, I couldn't make it down where she lived before she died (it's about a 20-hour drive, and I ended up getting down there half a day too late). It was upsetting, and I cried a bit then, but I have a tendency not to get too emotional about things.

Until the other day. As I mentioned, I recently started watching Mad Men on Netflix, and in the episode where Betty's dad has a stroke and seems to be, well, on his way out, his housekeeper says something to Betty that just killed me: "You're supposed to take care of your husband and your beautiful children now. They're yours. You'll see: the minute you leave, you'll remember him exactly the way he used to be. It's all good outside that door."

As much as that line got to me—I cry pretty easily at movies and the occasional TV show, but I normally don't break down and sob at one line—it was nice to have a catharsis. And, for the record, that is one terrific line.