Yesterday, word spread that ageless human branding mechanism Tom Cruise had been quoted comparing his job (as a punch-kicking thespian who has the most demonstrative "running really fast face" in Hollywood) to that of a soldier.

I just wandered onto the Jezebel main page for the first time all weekend, and discovered that Doug Barry is back. There are so many jokes/attempts at jokes crammed into this one sentence. He has good ideas, but absolutely no ability to edit himself, and the result is downright painful.

Still, I guess I'd gladly take him over Neetzan, or the outright idiotic Rivlin-Nader. It's an insult that Rivlin-Nader is paid by anyone for writing. He ought to be hit in the head with a keyboard every time he misspells something or makes a glaring grammatical error. There'd soon be a keyboard shortage.

Lacey Donohue is a positive new addition, at least. I like how she participates in the comments. She's got the social aspect of her job down.