I haven't been on the main pages much at all recently so I apologize if this has been covered (a quick search didn't turn anything up). Did you know that Marion Zimmer Bradley was a sadistic child molester and abuser? She did unspeakable things to her daughter Moira Greyland.

I first saw discussions of this rippling through Twitter about a week ago. I, like many others, cherished MZB's books as a kid. These revelations about her were completely shocking to me.

You can read Moira Greyland's account of some of the abuse here. And Jim Chines has a detailed overview and set of links to more info on his blog.

Not only was MZB incredibly abusive, her husband was as well—a lifelong pedophile who sometimes openly preyed on children in public settings. In fact, there is an entire wiki devoted to his long history of abuse.


I don't really feel like combing through these articles for pull quotes, but there's a ton of information in them.