I've been buried in work, so missed this bit about the new trial for Marissa Alexander, the African-American Florida woman who got 20 years in prison for shooting a warning shot while her abusive husband was attacking her days after she gave birth to their child. Unlike George Zimmerman, she was not allowed a Stand Your Ground defense by Angela Corey, the same District Attorney.

Due to public outcry, the State of Racism and Humidity is giving Ms. Alexander a new trial. However, according to the Daily Kos, she will not be allowed bail because the ex husband says he is afraid of her:

In his deposition, Gray who has a history of abusing Alexander, admitted it, stated he intended to hurt her had she not fired the warning shot, and said she did the right thing. He also said Alexander did not aim he gun at him. Gray then changed his story once the case went to trial. He walked out a free man - Marissa Alexander, the battered wife, received 20 years. The Florida Stand Your Ground Law did not work for Alexander because she fired a warning shot. Had she shot and killed Rico Gray that day, she would have most likely served no time at all.

My source who was in the courtroom today, reported new evidence has been brought forth - a text message of Rico Gray asking Marissa to come over for sex while there was an order of protection. Rico Gray claims Marissa should not be let out on bond because he is afraid of Marissa; he fears/feared for his life. Does asking her for sex sound like someone who feared for his life?

"I was in a rage. I called her a whore and bitch and .โ€‰.โ€‰. I told her, you know, I used to always tell her that, if I can't have you, nobody going to have you. It was not the first time of ever saying it to her."~ Rico Gray in his deposition on November 22, 2010.

Again, does this sound like a man fearing for his life?

I haven't seen this level of detail in the news; other news outlets say that the bail hearing has been postponed (which keeps happening). Apologies if this is a double post. I did search.