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Do I like to shit on and generally dunk all over Baby Boomers as a voting bloc? Absolutely; but that’s only because of the remorseless, depraved selfishness they choose to exhibit through their politics after being gifted the single greatest period of economic prosperity in modern history, only to immediately turn around and deadbolt the door behind them as soon as they got their piece of the pie (the “Fuck You, I Got Mine” generation). It has nothing to do with age.

In general, it seems like GMG has some kind of weird, ageist identity crisis which - oddly enough - seems to manifest itself in both directions. I’m not sure who’s more insufferable: The early-thirty something bloggers posting “Olds, Am I Right?” as a context for every article, or twee 23 year olds writing long form essays about the innate wisdom that comes with the worldly knowledge of being 18-months out of undergrad programs? (Spoiler alert: If you’ve ever read even a single Buzzfeed listicle, Mic essay, or XOJane post, you know it’s the latter; honorable mention goes to anything Rich publishes.)

I think there are about 30 better takes on this story than just “Old politicians heard of Tinder.” Why not “This Guy fucks! For Privacy”? Or maybe “The Oregon Tail: Dem Senator Wheedles Tinder to Encrypt”. I get that edgy is their brand, but that just reiterates that they should reach higher than the low-hanging fruit (something something septuagenarian scrotum joke).

An earlier version of this post indicated that Ron Wyden was a member of the House of Representstives. Mr. Wyden is, in fact, a senator. Clashtalk apologizes sincerely to Senator Wyden and for any confusion caused by this error.