We haven’t done one of these in a while.

Yesterday there was significant meltdownage about:

(1) Yoga Nerd MD being accused of wanting to “molest” the male member of the ice dancing pair;

(2) Yoga Nerd MD being “triggered” by the accusation;

(3) Someone calling Yoga Nerd MD’s baby “ugly”;

(4) Someone saying Yoga Nerd MD should “feed her baby” rather than tweet;

(5) Someone (or multiple someones) saying mean things about Yoga Nerd MD after they’d blocked her;

(5a) Someone (the same person?) referring to her as “y*ga,” I guess so as not to attract Yoga Nerd MD’s attention while insulting her;

(6) Yoga Nerd MD finding out about these stealthy insults and demanding that the blocking/insulting person or persons unblock her.

Here’s a screenshot of some...typing: