On #PromNite2013 (lol, rotfl, yolo), I posted a brief post in the middle of the dancefloor promising details on why Prom Sucks. It's four days after prom. I think I can write this now.

It was like every other Saturday. I was lounging around, not really doing anything. My mother entered the den, clapping her hands, grinning like crazy.

"Are you excited?!"


"For prom?!"

"Oh. Yeah, I guess."

Proms aren't my thing. They never were my thing. They never will be my thing. I wasn't going because I wanted to, I was going because a friend who transferred out before her senior year wanted to. I was pretty much her ticket in.

My mother thought that inviting everyone she's remotely related to over while I was getting dressed in my cousin's tuxedo was a fantastic idea. My grandparents arrived, my heavily pregnant aunt and her husband, my favorite aunt and uncle...you get the drift.

I don't like pictures. That's something I really should've thought about before agreeing to go to prom. The awkward family photos were only the beginning.


To be continued...when I get access to a computer again.