Thanks to Andy Cush for this lovely link. Someone has uploaded A LOT of classic performances to Youtube. Since Quantum Suicide has been posting B&W videos, I will keep that theme going. I found two videos of The Tubes from '75. They go full glam/drama school in the 2nd video.

& lets throw in a Ramones quickie for good measure.


I found another amazing bandcamp label. This one is called Hel Audio and operates out of Utah. There is a lot of variety in sound (You should really check out the artist corduroi) but it is the founder's chiptune-drone-synth riff mixture that caught my ear.


Finally, Mrs. Gideon's choice of driving songs is actually quite close to gay anthems. So to give her company, here's my gay anthem from last year. Ostensibly I am a straight dude and I play the part as prescribed by a famous old fuck - with malice towards one & all, with a deep well of discontent against family and nation that must be covered with noise & through dulling of wits with drugs.


But there is a side of me that just wants to buy that lovely floral dress or get that lovely cane and sing and dance like Julie Andrews/Gene Kelly in green fields/wet streets - voice angelic and feet divine. I am so campy I never went back home after the summer. God how I hate pants. Yes I am dancing to this song right now.