Did anyone see her twitter critque of that essay Jez ran on Saartjie Baartman Friday?

I confess I'd never heard of this person but I read the essay and initially didn't know what to think. I was confused by the author's efforts to ascribe agency to what sounds, fundamentally, like a form of subjugation. (E.g. even if a 20 year old African woman did willingly get on a boat to England, she couldn't really have known what she was agreeing to, and the toll it would take on her. She couldn't have known what it would be like to be alone and basically without any resources or connections in a strange country where she would be nothing more than a curiosity when she put herself in the hands of her former employers.)

Anyway all that to say I was happy when I saw Michelle say something about it, I thought it was an interesting series of tweets about what being a historian is like, and I wish she was still writing for Gawker.