I am literally at the point of mental breakdown with a "mystery" allergy I suspect is my cats. I haven't gotten more than three hours of sleep a night for ten days. Some nights I can't sleep at all. I feel hopeless and scared. I can't get in to see an allergist until September.

I can't keep my cats out of my bedroom because there's no door to block them with. I'm taking sudafed, oral steroids, and in the past few nights, I can only breathe at all if I take both Allegra and Zyrtec, which I think might be bad to do. I'm not supposed to have steroids at all, but I can't breathe without them.

My mom has a cat, so I can't stay at her house for a reprieve.

I can't be in my own home, so I can't be with my husband, and I can't see my dogs.

I think I'm going to cry all day.

What can I do, MM? Do you have advice? I know you're our resident allergy victim.