Not one myself, but come from a long line of dedicated and accomplished inner-city educators who have almost hair-raising stories to tell (for example, one friend who teaches Head Start had a 3 year old call her a bitch and throw a chair at her.) Now because of work I hear tales from solidly upper middle class parents who have kids in charter schools and I am gobsmacked by the kind of behaviors/learning issues the schools say they can't handle.

So this story bears it out.

Nancy Zapata said she resorted to the secret tapes last December and again in March after school officials used their “zero tolerance” discipline policy to repeatedly suspend her son, Yael, kept telephoning her at work to pick him up from school in the middle of the day and urged her to transfer him.

The News reported earlier this week that the Success network, which boasts some of the highest test scores in the city, also has far higher suspension rates than other elementary schools and that more than two dozen parents were claiming efforts to push their children out.

“There was a point when I was getting a call every day for every minor thing,” Zapata said. “They would say he was crying excessively, or not looking straight forward, or throwing a tantrum, or not walking up the stairs fast enough, or had pushed another kid.”

Clearly I don't know Zapata's kid and there may be other problems she's myopic about, but I have seen this happen with other kids whose behaviors/learning issues don't seem that extreme (and I'm one of those childfree folks who hates to be around undisciplined kids) Charter Schools are getting my tax money by claiming they can do a better job than public schools and claiming that they educate the same population. Rich folks in Silicon Valley and elsewhere have been investing tons in a vision that is helping suck the lifeblood out of public education. So if you are poor or working class with a child with any kind of special need (or deviation "from the norm") you are fucked. And so is this country.