1. But seriously - how am I supposed to have kids in a couple of years when my own mom is so crazy AND my friend J. ranted about her OWN mom at brunch this morning?! And my MIL is like, really intimidating and kind of bitter. And my step-MIL is fucking exhausting, man, trying to talk about sex with me when we have too much wine.

This afternoon we were going to look at the catering menu so I went to Mom's house and she ran into a technical problem with her all-important blog and I tried to fix it (for 15 minutes) and then she asked "Is there something wrong with you? WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?" and I chose to leave.

2. My friend just got dumped and we live in separate places! I don't have enough money/airline miles to get up there this weekend. I also have all that cred card debt. But is this just a time I need to add to it?