I had a very interesting Monday night/Tuesday morning. I have not made a single post since then. I have a story that involves, me, my girlfriend, LSD, and the greatest orgasm in my life. No really the greatest orgasm of my life. The entirety of this post is TMI. If you don't want a giant dose of TMI, don't read any further.


It all started about a week ago while I was reading a Bluestone article. The article was about a study on the effects of LSD on anxiety, and I mentioned it to my girlfriend. I should also mention me and my girlfriend are a couple of fucking hippies that kicked off our relationship by tripping 3 times on LSD the first month we started dating. We have been together for 5 years now and up until last monday had not eaten LSD in the last 3 years. We had grown up. Our lives consumed by 9 to 5 jobs, formally making a lives for ourselves in the "real" world. My hair line has receded, and my haircuts had become shorter. My tie dye t-shirts all but gone for suits and ties.

Back to the Bluestone article, I mentioned to my girlfriend how old we had become. How I don't ever really see myself ever tripping on acid again, and for a moment pleasantly reflecting on how calm our life had become. My girlfriend looked at me and frowned. She asked me how come I had forgotten myself. Why had I let the child inside of me die. I had no answer for her. we went to bed.

Fast forward to Monday. At about 3:30, I make a comment to Brother Parish about being bored and thinking I should start drinking.(BP, sorry don't mean to drag you into this.) My girlfriend calls me at 8 saying she is going to hang out with this nice hippy couple that we had met at a show when we first moved up to Denver. She walks in the door at about 10:30 and greets me. I am in the middle of one my usual commenter tirades, when she suddenly drops very casually,"So, I picked us up some acid."


I look up at her and give her a look, one that says I know you are challenging me. Then I said,"Lets do it."

Now I don't do bad drugs and I most certainly don't do them regularly. But some pretty simple easy advice to finding good drugs, is find people that like to do good drugs. It really is not difficult. Go to an electronic music show, or some good bluegrass show, find the guy that looks like his head is spinning and ask him where you can get what he is having. It's not fucking rocket science people.


So anyhow, at about 11 o'clock we drop 2 hits each. I turn Easy Rider on the T.V. as we both agreed after watching it a week ago it would be pretty fun watching on acid. The trip slowly starts setting in, and me and my lady start making out. One thing of course leads to another and we are straight going at it. The world is suddenly absolutely insane looking as my girlfriends face suddenly starts looking like she has Guy Fawkes face paint on and her curly dark hair appears to loop around for eternity. This goes on for hours.

Unwittingly all the booze I had drank that day had made it decidedly more difficult and in my head, impossible to climax. So for 3 hours we had been relentlessly putting the hammer to the anvil, and unknowingly I had entered a tantric state. All of the energy from this 3 hours of acid tripping wild sex had turned my body into an ethereal battery of sexual energy.


My girlfriend suddenly went down on me. I tried to stop her because I didn't think I could cum but she brushed me away and went after it anyways.

And then it happened.

I knew my mouth was wide open and I could have been screaming at the top of my lungs, but all I could hear was a deafening silence. I went blind to everything but a white light that was as bright as a thousand Suns. The orgasm feeling didn't come from my dick like usual, but from deep inside of my body. I don't know how else to describe this and have spent the last 4 days figuring out how to describe this to you all, but it was like the orgasm had taken a piece of my soul and become its own living breathing entity.


When it ended, a moment of fucking soberness hit me like a fucking ton of bricks, I snapped upright and looked at my girlfriend and said,"WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT!!???" She just looked up at me and laughed, got up went and filled up our water jug, came back and offered me some water.

We spent the next 6 hours cuddling and chasing each other around the bed in circles, chasing the tracers on each others hands, till she fell asleep and I laid there staring at her in adoration.


I kid you not my girlfriend can address me as Bitch for the rest of her life, and if she decided to greet me by spitting in my face I would be OK with this. I have said that was the best orgasm I have ever had before trying to be polite, but the fact of the matter is they all were the same until this one. Every orgasm I have had before this one should be ashamed to call itself one as far as I am concerned.

I usually don't post about personal matters of this nature, but I have not thought of a moment that has changed my perspective on life so dramatically in quite some time.


Yall can cast all the fucking sideways eyes at me you fucking want, but I bet you haven't had an orgasm worthy of a name.

I call him Bob.