I wish I could sit on my ass and be as angry as a hornet to yall, but I can't. There are people that have a much harder life than you and I.

I am not the greatest person, in fact I think I am probably one of the worst. I sell for a living. I do it every day. You don't have to lose yourself though. You don't have to give up on why you do what you do everyday.

It is very hard on my relationship that I have with my fiance. She is the most important thing in my life. She is why I work my dick to the bone every fucking day. She is the only thing that makes doing this shitty, horrible existence bearable.

I wake up everyday, and KNOW that I am worth more then the fact I don't have a college degree, I am almost illiterate, and I don't need somebody to tell me what I am worth.

Yeah, we all have some privilege to us. But I have some fight still left in me.