ETA: Some of this info is all cocked up. There’s more accurate info in the comments.

Tagging onto the bandwagon started by Ihatepickingnames, here’s even more fun with graphs!

The following pictures shows the page views on Gawker for the last year broken down by day. I decided to look at what the articles were behind the big spikes which I have identified by number:

  1. The stupid color changing dress
  2. This police shooting video
  3. This amazing article on the sex education used in the Duggar home
  4. This seems to be related not so much to one specific article, but several posts on Jared Fogel starting with this one
  5. The first look at super state employee Kim Davis!
  6. The expose on the tub of family values that is Josh Duggar

All of my guesses were based off of the article for the day that featured a ton of comments. It seems like kinja no longer shows the page views for individual articles so I could be off on some of these. Also, this obviously does not include all the page views that were people telling Jordan Sargent to go fuck himself for the gay prostitute extortion article.


It’s pretty clear that GM owes Kim Davis some advertising money.