The house we rent has a mold problem, and I am allergic to the mold. So now we have to move. The last thing I want to do is cross-contaminate a new home. Does anyone have experience with this, and some advice to offer me?

Here's some background info:

  • Mold is not visible anywhere in the home, and the only place we've found it growing is on the pots of my husband's innumerable houseplants. It's likely growing in the walls of the house
  • I don't think mold is actually growing on any of our belongings, but obviously there are probably spores on everything
  • I can't fucking breathe around this mold, so it's really damn important we not carry it with us

My Google-fu is very strong, but unfortunately, the kind of keywords I need to use to search for this topic produce a ton of noise and useless results. So if you've got knowledge, lay it on me.

Update: I thought of one more question, which I've seen conflicting answers to on Google. When we move out, do I need to replace the HEPA filters in my three air purifiers? I've seen some people claim mold can colonize the filters and undermine the entire point of the air purifiers.