Mr. Information is a thing I've done off and on on my blog for a couple years. I'd love to do it here too if there is any interest, so I figured I'd post a couple of ones I've done before to see if people are down with it or not.


Q. It turns me on to fake orgasms. I did it every time I slept with my former boyfriend of three years, and I have recently started seeing a new guy and I can't help myself from doing it. Should I feel guilty?


A. Nope. As long as you enjoy faking orgasms you aren't hurting anyone. Dudes like it when women have orgasms because we like to know we made them feel good. If you are feeling good that's all he has to know.

It could only become a problem if you start to not like faking orgasms - but, since it turned you on for three years straight, I'm guessing it's going to turn you on for years to cum.

Obviously, don't tell him you are faking because he'll get super confused over how you could be faking and like it at the same time and he'll get super competitive trying to give you "real" orgasms.

Bottom line - if you are enjoying it and it's not hurting him, just go with it.


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