Interesting to see the figure of Scotland's first minister Alex Hammond unfurling the Saltire flag whilst stood behind Prime minister David Cameron in the crowd at Wimbledon. No politician turns down the bandwagon of sporting success but with the Scottish in/out referendum not far away is this a unifying moment for the UK or a victory for Scotland?...

Last years supposedly London centric Olympics turned out to be a boon for the entirety of Britain. Murray's success is arguably one of our greatest sporting achievements since England's 1966 World Cup win. I just wonder who will win the war in rhetoric.

It's no coincidence Scotland's hosting of the Commonwealth games in 2014 falls so close to the referendum date. Most sporting events Rugby/football/cricket involve a purely nationalistic sense of pride but with tennis's only hope failing squarely on the shoulders of a Scotsman. It's one of the few sports none athletic sports we can all get behind. With Murray's great victory today there'll be some soundbite loving politicians on both sides of the border.

Also on the subject of the 2014 referendum, I'm not so sure if the Commonwealth games will inspire a nationalistic sense of pride among Scottish voters or a British one.