In a bid not to hog page space with clearly segregated posts and demarcation of thought, but mainly because it's extra writing and clicking... a few things.

1- Does backtalk = Crosstalk? As in the blog affiliated to Gawker, or have I stumbled through another internet looking glass?

2- I actually have a hairstyle for the first time since my teens.Not that I haven't had hair or that the top of my bonce has been pulled into some parallel time continuum . Just it's been literally razor short , or shoulder botheringly long and never once styled. I like it, my wife likes it but there's an inescapable feeling that I'm being sucked into assimilation, I am now just another brick in the wall.

3- I like the incongruity of this, Since January 3rd I have consumed 4 bottles of gin and ran 37.15 miles according to my smart phone.

4- I came to bring tunes.

Dirtier than a post club carpark bunk up or an afternoon with rope and and a blindfold.

Sad and not so much relating to me, as a direct mirror image of my shit.

Dezzy Decker, say no more


Je suis Amy.

Doo Wop, God's own music.

Melancholic happiness.

Break it down B.

Express thi sen.

a solid lb of funk