ETA: Here is Mweyer’s apology, where she maintains that it was all a big mistake. Of course, it was written before the two tweets above, so . . .


This is my last ever post to io9 or O-Deck ever so for what it’s worth: I’m sorry.

I didn’t intend it, honestly. Yes, I read the Cracked article, planned to use it for inspiration and I truly didn’t get until its publication how I was plagiarizing it. I hate that myself, wanted to do truly original stuff, I did. But it happened. I’m not going to defend it, I fucked up.

I’ve issued e-mail apologies to Charlie Jane, Cheryl and the rest but I am using this to apologize right now to you. All of you, crashed especially. You trusted me. You enjoyed my work, gave me a chance and I had a huge opportunity to offer more. And I fucked up totally and completely. I can apologize until my mouth turns blue but it won’t undo what I did. I fucked up and hurt this site which I have loved for years.

It’s going to hurt for a while. It’s going to hurt to know I lost the respect of everyone here. It’s going to hurt that I can no longer share anything on this site. It will hurt to basically be banned from ever commenting on authors I adore and writers I respect. But it’s my price for what I did and I deserve it and more.

I love io9. I love Observation Deck. I have loved the last two months of folks enjoying my works and truly wanted to do it more. But that’s done and over with now. I’m leaving and no, I’m not going to change my screen name or anything, I am gone for good. For that...I am sorry. I truly am. I’ll miss this place so much but it’s what I get for fucking up like this. So goodbye and in the future, I hope people can avoid the massive mistake I made that put a black eye on all here.