Is when people take their dogs to public parks where it clearly says "Animals need to be on a leash at all times" and let them off leash.

We took my 9 year old dog - who has already had some health problems this year, such as a mini stroke that makes the right side of her face droop - to the coast yesterday. We hadn't been there for more than 5 minutes when this big dog comes running up to her, snarling and snapping at her. So my dog freaks out and starts shaking all over and this dog would not get off her. My dad had to finally slap its face (not hard, no animal abuse there, just enough to get it to back off a bit) and shove it. The owners of this dog see this and call the dog back. I watch them, because surely after that, they'd put their dog on a leash or hold it, right? Nope, they let it go again. It comes back after my dog, then gets distracted by little kids playing in the surf and starts jumping on them. So I put on my bitch mode -which I resent having to do- and go up to them and tell them that their dog attacked my dog, which I *know* they saw part of. "Oh, my dog attacked yours'? I'm so sorry, she's never like this!" As soon as she said this, the dog ran up snarling at me trying to bite me. The lady had the nerve to tell me her dog was friendly and would let me pet her. I was yelling at her and her husband both at this point, telling about how the dog attacked mine, it needs to be on a leash, my dog is sick, random gibberish because I'm so angry. They tell me they'll put it on a leash and we walk away. As we walk away I distinctly hear "What a bitch!"

Oh, and they never put their dog on a leash. And it crapped all over the beach and they didn't clean it up.

So we leave, to get away from these awful people, and go to a different part of the beach. We're letting my dog relax, and I'm calming down, just watching the water. I kind of register off to the side this guy, his kid, and their dog come by. But the guy and the kid keep walking, and I'm not paying close attention. Next thing, I hear my dog start squeaking, and my dad yelling (he's still holding onto my dog's leash, so she didn't get loose) and this guy's dog was attacking my dog. So again, I have to go up to somebody and ask "Hey, do you have a leash for your dog? Because your dog is all over mine, and mine is on a leash." The guy replies "Yeah, I have a leash. I'll get right on that." And FINGER CLICKS AT ME!

It took him 20 minutes to find and put on the leash (the leash was in his pocket) but at least he did it.