Unanimous vote, no less. The committee was like, "Whateverrrrr."

I have learned some interesting things about state politics. Because there is not the same fundraising need as on the federal level, lobbyists are a bit more circumspect. Even when they aren't supporting the legislator on a particular bill, they are almost obsequious and want to make sure they aren't pissing off the legislator. The legislators want to maintain good relations with the lobbyists as well because they can then testify in favor of bills or provide research or help write bills for topics they are knowledgeable about.

The one perk that legislators and by extension their staffs (me) get is that lobbyists will sponsor breakfast, lunch, or dinner for everyone, so there is a lot of free food flowing.


All in all my little fellowship position has been a net positive. It at least got my intellectual juices flowing again, got me out of my unemployment cocoon, and let me interact with people.