And I used to be. I know I have talked about this before.

For me it came easy. And when I say easy, I mean it was hard as shit. My only brother has the same problem, and today when I called my mother, it broke my heart to listen to her talk about what my brother has become.

I love him like only a brother can, and I really wanted to have a good conversation with my mother. In my profession, I have learned how to eliminate, worry, doubt and fear. You don't make money with any of these things floating around your head.

After I got off the phone with my mother, I called the piece of shit that used to be my brother, and there is not much left.

I wish I could give yall some silver lining to this. I really do. There isn't one though. He is a junkie that doesn't have any plans on changing. He is just going to be a junkie. I am not without my own problems. I in a way went through the same thing, but I fucking made a choice to go in a different direction. God, I wish with all my heart he would too. I wish he would fucking stop.


I wear my mind on my sleeve. I encourage everyone to OWN your life. Sorry for posting so much today.

Clashtalk, take it easy.