Last night I dreamed that I was scouting out a location for something or other (I want to say a business) with an old, spry woman who knew the area. We were investigating why our location had like, SO MANY GHOSTS all the time. Come to find out, there was an abandoned church and cemetery across the street from our location— we scoped it out that very day. The place was dirty, dilapidated, cob-webby, and had headstones busting through the floor. We entered one large, empty room with two egresses. At each doorway, we saw lurking TWO BIPEDAL RACCOONS (I don't know, they could have been koala bears)! We tried to leave, but they attacked us!

*gasp* I woke up.

Now that you've read this, you know what I know: there is nothing more boring or inane than listening to or reading about someone else's random dream.