Last week, against my better judgment, I shared the loss of my dog on ClashTalk. I want to thank each and every person who responded in the thread. Your kind words made a world of difference and helped me get through an extremely difficult time.

I want to extend a special thanks to Gideon, for if you hadn’t included a link to R U Okay week, I would not have found the courage to share and discuss my sorrow. I’m not kidding when I say, I greatly appreciate each and every response and they really did help me get through a most difficult time. I’m still heartbroken but doing much better thanks to you all.

Fast forward to today. Molly’s revenge? (Molly was my dog)

Today I was out walking the trails where I used to walk Molly, when an off leash dog ran up behind me and bit my calve. After the owners apologized, I asked them for verification that the dog’s shots were up to date. Then all hell broke loose.

They denied their dog bit me, told me I had no recourse, dared me to call the cops, and attacked me with a branch. I grabbed the branch out of the husband’s hand and snapped it over my knee. I tried explaining that I wasn’t interested in cops, or recourse, just whether their dog was current on it’s shots. That’s all.

They were non compliant. I tried to follow them and get pictures but they unleashed one of their dogs and sicced it on me causing me to run, but not before I snapped a couple of pics.


So as I’m looking at the money shot this evening, I realize the picture was taken at the exact same spot on the trail as one of my favorite pictures that I shared of Molly on Clashtalk last week.

Here’s Molly, at the edge of the bridge, right before jumping in after a duck.


And here, standing just about where I was when I snapped Molly’s picture, is the lovely dog owner telling me to go fuck myself when I asked if her dog was currently vaccinated.


Good thing I’m not superstitious, because if I were, I’d perhaps think, my little dog might be trying to tell me something.