Hey CLT!! I've been absent as of late, working and whatnot, though I have been lurking around these parts. But I shall be back posting soon, because: Mini is finally home from vacation!! It's an annual vacation she takes with my sister and her family, something she's been doing for 8 years now. She was only gone for 2 weeks, but I didn't even recognize her at first when she stepped off the plane! My sister has 2 boys, so she always takes Mini on a big shopping spree when she's down there. This is what Mini was wearing when she deplaned:

- Short black boots;
- Pink leggins with vertical white stripes;
- A skirt with pink, blue, purple, green, and white horizontal stripes;
- A dark pink top with "Hollister" written across the front;
- A denim jacket;
- 4 jelly bracelets;
- A new Swatch watch;
- A fuckin' FEDORA, with a pink ribbon.

That's right. The '80s are back, and my kid is the fucking coolest.