Even without having to put up with them in the flesh during the holidays, they can still provide awesome anonymous internet posting fodder. This year, we had good and bad. First the bad- my sister-in-law suggested I get my nephew some My Little Pony shit for Christmas.

The tone of the email suggested that he's being strongly encouraged to be a Brony around the house. NOT COOL. Board game it is!

I brought that up shortly after we sat down to eat yesterday. Then moms chimed in with a good one. Apparently my sister-in-law's brother is going through an awful divorce. Awful for him, delicious for me, because fuck him. This douche was the "entertainment" at my brother's wedding, banging out funeral dirges on a Wurlitzer, earning many a pat on the back from a square ass Mormon.

This guy is about 30, did not want the divorce, and basically just conceded everything to his ex thinking she'd want him back or some shit? That part is a little hazy... but however it went down, he's financially and emotionally fucked. Lost his home and has been going to counseling.

His mom is going out to Texas to visit my brother's family. The son was about to roll out too to visit the nieces and nephew, because they are adorable and awesome and everybody loves them. And then his mom squashed it and wouldn't let him.

Her reason? This woman, who is too God-fearing to allow me to drink at my brother's wedding, told her emotionally destroyed son that he was not welcome to accompany her to Texas because our nieces and nephew love him too much and it detracts from the attention they give her.