So, I had a very unfortunate Easter experience. I don't know how else to describe it.

It all started bright and early waking up at 5 AM to catch a morning flight back to my home town. My lady, bless her heart, habitually runs late for everything, which absolutely makes me insane. I am the kinda fella that if you aren't 15 minutes early, you are late, so I know my perception is a bit skewed, But when you hear your name being called over DIA's PA system a bit of embarrassment crept over me. As we board our flight and get to our seats, I can just feel the fucking looks from the other passengers, just going right through me.

The flight back to my hometown is only an hour flight it takes longer to get through TSA than the flight itself.

My GF's mom was nice enough to give us her 2000 chrysler LHS, a fucking boat of a car, and had got us a Uhaul to grab all the furniture we had left in storage at her house.

So to be clear we flew from Denver, to Omaha, to pick up a car and load a Uhaul on easter. Doesn't seem like the worst deal ever except, I had no help loading the Uhaul (The lady went out to eat lunch with her family, while I loaded the Uhaul.)

When they had got back from lunch, it dawned on them that they forgot to pick up my order from the restaurant.


My GF's mom is a chatty Cathy and was following me around while I am loading the fucking Uhaul. I fucking hate people watching me while I work hard. A big pet peeve.

I know I am being a bit of an ingrate here, but Jesus, if you see me moving a fucking dresser by myself, and you see the door is closed, you could throw a guy a bone and fucking open the door.

I also try to refrain from smoking in front of my GF's family. My GF's mom lost her mother to lung cancer, so I completely understand, but I was nicing the fuck out and not in a very good place.


I finished loading the Uhaul at 5 central time, and we left for the 8 hour drive back to Denver at about 5:30. by the time we get half way to Denver, I realize from all the people flashing there brights at me that my headlights are out. Not a big deal right?! Well we stop at the next truck stop, I notice I need a small socket or a pair of pliers to get to the lights, the guy across the pump from me, being a good Nebraskan has a good set of tools in his truck. Well, as it turns out the Chrysler LHS has non standard tools needed for maintenance, so I can't get to the fucking lights....The screws were so fucking rusted on that the pliers couldn't even get the nuts off.

Oh, I forgot to mention, My GF and I had a Knock down drag out in the car over our vacation plans. We do not see eye to eye on what music festival we want to attend, and she started talking shit about a couple good buddies of mine that are going to the music festival I want to go to. When me and the lady go toe to toe, I tell you what we go for fucking blood and we go out to hurt you...This went on for about 6 of the 8 hour drive.

So we finally arrive in Denver proper and we are about oh 5 miles from our house, and Bam, my fucking front driver side tire blows the fuck out at 1:30 in the fucking gets better.


So, my GF she starts crying, I am trying to calm her down and say it's not a big fucking deal I got this. I get out of the car, and remember the car was loaded with our shit, so I then empty ALL of the shit that is in the trunk of the car onto the side of the road to get to the spare, jack, and tire iron. I pull out the folding tire iron and the fucking lugnuts on the fucking tire were on there, I mean really fucking on there. It took me about a half hour to get 3 fucking lugnuts off, and on the fourth one the folding tire iron that came with the car snaps in half. So it is now about 2:30 AM and my tire iron broke.

I forgot to mention we have AAA and my GF was hounding me to call them, but noooo, Thunder-Lips doesn't need help changing a fucking tire, I am a fucking man! Who needs help changing a tire?! I am an idiot.

Anyways, so after the tire iron broke we finally called AAA and 45 minutes later, a guy came out and changed our tire in 5 minutes flat...


We got home at about 4:30 and then both woke up at 7 to fucking go to work. I took a half day and you can find me at the bottom of a rocks glass of Jamo...

Happy Easter Yall!!