​Gawker's editors are cooking up a plan to give Neetzan Zimmerman, Gawker's in-house savant of viral material, his own subvertical on the site. And when they do, his editor, John Cook, knows what he would like to name it. "I was trying to get him to go for traffic.gawker.com," Cook said on the phone. "But I don't think he's going to go for it."

Source: ​Capital New York

This article revealed a lot about our mysterious "ethical viral engineer"

  • he is married
  • lives at the UES
  • grew up in Israel on a kibbutz in the hills of the Galilee region
  • his English has a proper, maybe even Anglicized, tinge
  • he was among the first wave of Israelis on the web [searching for porn, naturally] (thanks to a modem his grandmother purchased for him as a young teen)
  • moved to the U.S. after completing his mandatory service with the Israel Defense Forces [haters beware]

“It’s not really a job for him, it’s a calling” - John Cook