Have you ever read/watched/heard/eaten something that was meant to be great and you just didn’t get it, or it objectively sucked? Let’s talk about it and save each other the bother of trying new things only to be thwarted by boredom. Or bees.

I’ll start off with DBC Pierre’s Vernon God Little. I read this after seeing him speak live about his life, addiction, and writing. He was so funny and dismissive and contemptuous of everyone in the audience. When a serious writer type asked how you could possibly disfigure (edit) your novel to meet a publisher’s guidelines when every word was a piece of you, he just said, “I find that if you cut out every third or fourth word, it does wonders for your grammar, and the plot.” With that irreverence in mind, I read the novel and it was just weird. Not bad, mind you; I think I just didn’t understand the setting enough to get what was black comedy and what was satire. Now, however, whenever anyone mentions Immanuel Kant, I am reminded of “Manual Cunt.”

Also, Netflix. 80% of time spent scrolling; 20% of time spent watching a meh show.