So, it turns out that Clashtalk has some pretty hefty mojo when it comes to its Google rankings. Sometimes (for reasons I won't bore you with by explaining at length), we've got outlandishly high placement in Google search results. The titles of posts are a large cause of that; they carry greater weight in Google's ranking algorithm than pretty much anything else. Because of that, I'm setting a new rule for Clashtalk:

We will no longer be including GM writers' full names in the titles of posts, especially in critical posts.

We love to snark, live to snark, and will snark until we're dead, but I do feel bad that our natterings can now end up on the first page of search results for a GM writer's name. Let's keep our insignificant natterings insignificant by being careful with our post titles.

I don't have any strict guidelines for you to follow or anything, because I will die from boredom if I have to write that out. You know, just apply a little common sense and discretion when you go about it. A first name alone is fine; their last name alone is fine; if one of their names is particularly uncommon, maybe avoid using that one. Just be your clever selves.

As for sticking to the rule, let's all help one another out. If someone forgets, a friendly reminder and a quick edit solve everything.