Did y’all see this? Julianne Escobedo Shepherd has just been named the new EIC at Jezebel. Koa Beck, whose last day is Sept. 28, is leaving after less than a year on the job.

Also, this line in the Post’s story, regarding the GMG sites being up for sale, REALLY has to sting: “So far, there has been no serious interest in Jezebel or the other sites, sources said.”

Koa’s reason for leaving, according to the Post, is that she wants to finish a book she’s currently writing. Nice code for “jumping from a sinking ship.”

Y’know, as much as we rag on Jez all the time (deservedly so), I kinda* get what’s going on there right now, in terms of the shittiness of the content, the numerous dropped balls, etc. I’ve worked for a media company that was in the midst of furloughs, bankruptcy filings, new ownerships, etc. It was a solid two years of nightmares and stress and awfulness. I imagine the internal atmosphere and morale at Jez are pretty similar.


*I say “kinda” because on the one hand, I know the feeling, but on the other: suck it up, buttercup. Even while all of us were worried about our jobs, and literally sick to our stomachs from the stress of the uncertainty, we still DID our jobs. So, critique away, Clashers!