I dislike this article.

The author displayed the evidence yet didn’t thread the needle so people could properly understand or at least have no excuse to say ignorant shit. When writing about marginalized people, throwing up a bunch of screen grabs isn’t going to help especially since a lot of people act like reading twitter is akin to sequencing DNA in the 70s (twitter isn’t difficult, y’all). Leading me to...

I hate most of the comments. Or at least the ones I got to before I had to run make this post.

You know what drives me nuts? When someone or a group brings up something as a wrong or calling attention to something and a different (tend to be a non-marginalized) group of people go “UGH! The outrage machine!!1 These millennials! Why they drag her mom? So we should just round up all the people from the 70s and throw them in jail!!! IS THAT WHAT YOU WANT?”


Uhhh... No one said that until you said it, fool.

This crazy Trump supporter is using an already problematic song to be more problematic, and she has a platform (whatever it is) to be more loud and provide reassurance to people disrespecting Native lives and cultures. And that shit is not okay. How hard is that to understand?


And everyone needs to stop the whole “So what you are saying is that we need to go back and judge old art by today’s standards?” Let’s not pretend that I can’t sing “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” without someone looking at me crazy. This concept is not new. I’m tired of people acting brand new around this.

I’m like legit pissed. I’m so happy I missed this when it was originally posted because I had a good New Years, and this nonsense would have dampened it.


Oh Happy New Years and stuff.