The idea that you're supposed to kiss your love at midnight on New Year's to make sure that you have a successful relationship throughout the year (edit: or that a kiss at midnight will bring you love in the new year) is fairly well-known. Those of us from the South might also believe in adding some Hoppin' John and collards (with cornbread) to our New Year's dinner to bring prosperity and wealth.

My family wasn't particularly superstitious, but there's one New Year's superstition that we were raised to be adamant about: Never do laundry on New Year's Eve/New Year's Day. Why? Because you'll wash a member of your family away, silly!

In asking around about the origin of this belief, I've not been able to find anyone outside of our family/friends of the family who have even heard of laundry on New Year's being an issue. Which led me to wonder whether our family was the only one with strange New Year's superstitions and traditions.

So I have to ask, Clashtalk: what New Year's weirdness did/does your family embrace?