Today, the NFLPA will vote on a new drug policy, to potentially revise the current policy which overzealously penalizes drugs of abuse, while leaving room for players to legitimately cheat with performance-enhancing drugs.

The proposed changes raise the threshold for a positive Marijuana test (which is currently insanely low - ten times lower than the threshold used by the World Anti-Doping Agency, and low enough to have potentially royally fucked Josh Gordon into his current season-long suspension). The new policy also adds HGH testing for the first time, because holy shit, the NFL should absolutely be testing for HGH. No word yet on whether Wes Welker's positive test for MDMA would be treated any differently under the new plan.

It would be awesome if the league caught up with the times and adopted a marginally-progressive view that recognizes pot as a potential alternative to handing out painkillers like Skittles. But it's the NFL, where change only happens when TMZ blows up their spot. So ultimately, they'll make the logical move to revise the policy, but the NFL will only agree because suspending one of your most exciting players for trace amounts of a drug that is viewed favorably by most of the country is just plain bad for business.

Insomnia makes me ramble...