Every so often, I browse Twitter. Mostly to keep up with friends and colleagues from other parts of the country as they promote their own content.

This morning, just for fun, I decided to look up Splinter’s Nick Martin, just to see if he had anything to say about Donald’s Trump atrocious “Trail of Tears tweet.”

I noticed three things.

1) Mr. Martin doesn’t tweet much (which is actually a pretty smart idea).

2) He hadn’t said anything about Trump’s little genocidal joke.

3) His last tweet was a real doozy.

Now, I’ve not really given him terribly much grief over his axe to grind with Elizabeth Warren. He’s not wrong, and I went after her myself on that issue.

But on this... whew, I kinda wanna tweet out Alanis Morrisette to see if she wants to remake one of her songs; because this is some Grade A material for her to work with.

First of all; where the hell does he get off talking about “brittle?” In case any of you need a reminder, this was a guy who got his undies so twisted and his butt so hurt over the reaction to these two absolutely awful takes...


... that his fragile fee-fees just couldn’t take it and was one trigger to The Great Splinter Jerk Off Motion, purging the approved commenters of all those meanies that dragged him for that garbage.


He wants to talk about brittle? He honestly thinks he has any leg to stand on going there?

Secondly, does he have any idea where he works? Do they keep him in a closet segregated from the rest of the staff? He honestly wants to complain about white progressivism while he sits smack dab in the middle of an artisanal mayo factory?

The outlet this fellow works for has so doggedly done everything in their feeble reach to clear the deck for their patron saint, Bernie Sanders, to the point that Mr. Martin’s first article back from the weekend wasn’t about Donald Trump’s disaster of an insult to tens of thousands of Native American dead...


... but rather the first salvo of what seems to be a clear editorial decision to go after Kamala Harris.

Mr. Martin, if you wind up reading this... I just want you to know something. Clearly a tribal affiliation does not preclude you from being white as hell. You are the Boston Red Sox whining about the New York Yankees.


And next time you wanna roll your eyes and sneer at white progressives, I want you to take a look in the mirror, buddy.

Because you have become what you claim to hate.