I used to be a really big fan, she really excited me and was doing some super interesting things. But the cracks have been starting to show and her latest album was not good. Then this critic Wanna Thomson tweeted a small criticism of Nicki which blew the fuck up.

Wanna isn’t wrong! Like Nicki you’ve talked about “mature” stuff but, in my opinion, the music doesn’t match that and still feels like a teenager boasting and writing about herself. There isn’t that maturity.

Also, you can fuckin miss me with this shit. You have 21 million followers and essentially sicced them on this small time black culture critic. Also maybe I missed it but I’m pretty sure Jezebel or The Root never mentioned this. Especially The Root or Very Smart Brothas cause they aren’t blind fans. It’s also the first rule of the internet, don’t read the comments.

Also this article is brutal and amazing.