Is anyone else watching this documentary series on ESPN? I'm a couple of episodes behind but it's a fascinating look at several women who've made history in sports.

This picture is taken from an episode entitled "Let Them Wear Towels," which was about the struggle for women sports journalists to get equal access to locker rooms to interview players. The documentary interviews several women journalists from the 70s and 80s who struggled to first get a shot at covering sports and then getting the same access to post-game interviews that take place in locker rooms. It ends with reference to Lisa Olsen's sexual harassment suit in the 90s (I didn't realize she was basically harassed out of the country over that!) and references to cracks about how women dress while doing their jobs today.

Tonight, I watched the episode called "Venus v." which told the story of Venus Williams' struggle for acceptance on the WTA tour and then her fight for equal prize money. She comes across as very smart, poised, and brave. Her speech to All England Club members asking them to close their eyes and imagine what it would be like to be a little girl who dreams of being a tennis player or doctor or lawyer only to be told that they can't be treated just like the boys will stay with me for a while.

Tomorrow night's episode, the fifth in the 9 part series, is about Sheryl Swoopes. I can't wait.


I tried looking for anything about this series on either Jezebel or Deadspin, but I'm coming up blank. I'd think that Jezebel would be all over something like this.