Two interesting takeaways from this article:

Univision is looking to sell the Gizmodo group as a unit and not spin off the titles individually, although some execs inside the company believe they could get more if they chopped it up. The company’s reluctance is linked to the fact that the only money-making properties of the lot are Gizmodo, the Onion and the Root, sources said. Univision does not own humor site the Onion outright — just a controlling stake — and African-American news site the Root is too small to make a meaningful dent.


Sources said current bidders include Bryan Goldberg — the hard-bargaining owner of Bustle Digital Group who last month scooped up the once-hot, millennial-focused site Mic for $5 million. Mic previously had been valued by investors as high as $100 million, according to reports.

Goldberg is the political conservative who recently bought up the Gawker name and plans to relaunch that site in some (probably unrecognizable) form.