My mom wrote an email to her old friend who heads a wedding band. It looks like we've got him for the reception (yay!) but I don't know if she should have forwarded the whole email chain, as it contained the following jabs at my sister:

"I am writing you because my daughter A. has just gotten engaged. She's 36 and has never been married. Her fiance is 38, and ditto."

"My dream would have been to know about this engagement and wedding (she got engaged two weeks ago) two years in advance, but since they're older, they want to go ahead and get married."

And no wedding-related email would be complete without a complaint about paying for the party (after having insisted):

"As it is, I'm cashing in bonds, which I hate, but then they only get married once (I hope!), or at least there's only one wedding party."

My sister, naturally, is hurt and stressed out that my mom thought these things, wrote them down, and disseminated them. I am (also naturally) horrified and planning to elope when the time comes. Dude is disappointed about this but he understands.