I have an overbearing intern.

She is probably mid-40s and going to law school at night to follow up a career in teaching, and now she wants to get into juvenile law. Great! But I have been managing my judge/caseload/shit for a while now, so I know how to run a meeting and advise clients about whether or not to plead guilty. (It's their choice, but I give them an idea of what their chances are.)

So I ask intern to "sit in" in a meeting and before I even went over the charges with the kid and his mom she advised him to plead not guilty in self-defense! What?! No. First off, self-defense is an extremely narrow defense. It probably won't work in this situation. I know that defense attorneys are advocates for clients, but that advocacy does not always take the form of going to the mattresses. And it really undermined me trying to tell him after she said this that his chances of winning at trial are basically nil.

Tomorrow I need to tell her she needs to chill during meetings, because she makes me look like an evil prosecutor who doesn't know what she's doing. She has more gravitas than me because of her age/voice/height (also, I look like 16, so it's hard enough). So my clients come into a room with a teenager wearing purple nail polish and an experienced teacher who speaks with authority and doesn't know what the f she's talking about as far as legal matters.

I do need her in some ways - where there's a difficult case or my black clients are distrustful of me, she (also black) could be a really helpful presence. But I have to rein her in and I have never managed anyone before! No wonder my fiancé hates managing people so much. One day of it and I had to call my doctor for an Ativan refill.