As I mentioned over on "the other CT," people tweeting about how much they hate their families at Christmas—especially when it's based on not getting the presents they wanted—make me question the value of humanity. But wait! There's more!

From the Huffington Post: There Are Plenty Of Twitter Users Who Find Their Cousins Hot

Okay, let me take a moment to sit with the chair turned backwards, which is 90s "white teacher in the inner city" movie code for keeping it real, and talk to you crazy kids for a moment. No-one should be judged for finding someone else attractive—as long as everyone's of legal age, my policy is live and let live. And besides, unless I'm mistaken, recent research has shown that cousin-lovin' isn't as genetically bad as once thought (although, to be clear, none of the people in the story tweeted, "I am sexually attracted to my cousin and would like to engage in the procreative act with him or her," possibly because that's over 140 characters). Still, cultural norms and the fact that your whole damn family probably follows you on Twitter might give you pause before announcing such things to everyone.