I remember being just a tad bit younger, and I have these memories of myself that I wanted for myself that are so far off of where I am today. I am not disappointed in myself, just I am not the dreams that I had for myself when I was younger.

-I wanted to be a teacher. A high school teacher. I don't know how much more beautiful of a thing you can do, outside of seeing people turn into human beings infront of you.

-I wanted to run my own restaurant. I love feeding people. I take no joy greater than putting a great meal in front of them, and watching them enjoy it, with somebody they care about. It is like creating a perfect moment for somebody else.

-I have always wanted to work for a non-profit that helps single household families. I think the youth of our society aren't lacking discipline, I think they are lacking people telling them that they are worth something.

What if money just didn't matter to any of us anymore?! What the fuck would you do?!


I know if I didn't live in a dog eat dog world, with bills hanging over my head that I can hardly afford, I would invest it all right back into us. What dreams did you have, to share with everyone? Moonshine dreaming.