I decided to hit a step class tonight because I can't kick my own lazy butt hard enough on the treadmill. I say that with studied casualness because hitting a step class is something I've made it a habit not to do. Turns out the schedule did not repeat did not indicate that this was the superduper craziculous advanced class. I barely even broke a sweat due to standing there gawping trying to figure out wtf to do as everyone bounced around like yoyos on crack. (And standing there like an unathletic idiot is one of my biggest fears.)

But that was not the worst thing that happened this evening. In prep for my class I had blended up a protein drink and was glugging it down when I happened to notice some odd brownish flecks in my 'nilla flavored shake which upon closer inspection were revealed to be flecks of moth. MOTH. I DRANK moth and then went off to make a total ASS of myself at the gym.

I got my revenge on that friggin moth and that friggin class instructor though. In'N'Out double burger no cheese protein style (yeah, I do low carb. what of it?).

Anyhoo. 'Night y'all!