Let's say a certain Clashtalker got really pissed off about a certain well-credentialed but completely incompetent douche she winds up dealing with on a fairly consistent basis, because said douche was completely bad at his job in a way that would inevitably lead to that Clashtalker's staff having to take on a big assload of extra work to make up for his incompetence.

Let's say that Clashtalker decided to deal by writing an irate and scathing catalogue of all the specific episodes of incompetence she had observed and sent it to her own boss (as her boss had instructed her to do, although arguably boss hadn't intended for her to be so darned enthusiastic about it).

Let's say that that email was forwarded enough times that it made its way back to the douche in question. This is basically like Martin Luther and the 95 theses crossed by the Night of the Long Knives.

If anyone remembers that time that dude stormed out of my meeting, this is the same dude.


The funny thing is my boss thought she sanitized it before passing it on, by taking out the sentence "Sorry, I am having a 'grumpy at training' day..."