Mom is being just as awesome about this wedding as she was about the last one, when she wrote in an email on which my sister was cc'd that it was her "first marriage" at 36, "believe it or not."

She told me to hire a certain wedding planner, knowing the estimate and fee from her previous inquiries re: sister, and I contacted and hired said planner. This morning, Mom said she would have to sell her farm because of this "in order to be able to live." This is a woman who doesn't work, owns her house in full (and aforementioned farm, an inheritance from her parents that she doesn't use), drives a working car and has health insurance. Mom, why don't you spend one fucking day with my clients?

My sister and friends and fiance want me to have a nice wedding, which I've wanted, but I might have to elope to get out of this. Of course, if I suggest that, my mom will call me a drama queen.