Hey, so anything happen in the news or on the internet lately? No? Oh, thank goodness. I've been completely off the grid for 5 days (aside from reviewing work emails and one comment on CLT (after which my Gawker access was cutoff)). After such a difficult winter dealing with my illnesses/recovery, my father's passing, my stepmother's craziness, and a whole bunch of other stuff, we decided we needed a break from everything and everyone. Just some time to be together.

So, on Thursday morning at 5am we packed up the cars and headed off to go camping. We stayed in a yurt (Yes! A yurt!) and it was awesome. 3 bunk beds, a fridge/freezer, and a microwave. No running water, but the shower facilities were incredibly close. We had a picnic table, a grill and a fucking awesome fire pit. Now, I'm very good at setting my kitchen on fire, but suck at setting firewood on fire. Go figure.

The first morning was mostly unpacking the cars and setting up the yurt. Then we took Mini swimming, played a bit of soccer (okay, I drank wine while Mr. & Mini played soccer), we ate, relaxed a bit and then went for a hike.

The hiking, my god. In college I was a big hiker, loved it. Even after Mini was born and before I met Mr., I would still go from time to time. Groton, NH, the Greenbelt in Ottowa, etc. I forgot how much I loved it. So after the first hike that first day, I spent a total of 23 hours on the trails during our trip. It rained Saturday, so the trails were slick which meant I had to be careful, and they were still drying on Sunday, but it was awesome. Here's a pic of my ass (and redheaded ponytail) headed hiking:


We managed to get the fire pit lit and cooked hotdogs, roasted marshmallows, told scary stories, etc. :) The nights were great, we became friends with some campers close by and we'd sit by the fire, talking.

But still, the hiking. Mini even woke up at 5am every morning to go hiking with me and watch the sunrise. I hope this is an experience she'll remember, because I know how much it meant to me to quietly dress and leave to go on our little adventures. :)



Sorry for the huge pics!! I just uploaded them (we got home an hour ago) and haven't had time to resize. This was my view at the end of my hike last night: