One of the blessings and curses of being a teacher is that you have your students in your class for a while, then they go off and do their own things, and you don't hear from 99% of them again. In many cases, this is not a tragedy, but every now and then one wonders how they turned out.

I started teaching around the time Facebook started up, and I accepted a couple of friend requests from students, not knowing just how stupid that was. All but one has long since unfriended me, because I'm so boring, or maybe they just dropped off of Facebook altogether, but the one who's still around is just this weird, ghostly remnant of the past; we've barely interacted in eight or nine years—I think he liked one of my statuses a couple of years back, and I see some of his life events, etc., etc.

Then, last night, he posted a pretty angry response to the Mike Sam "controversy," saying that the problem isn't that Sam would bring "baggage" into the locker room, but that the NFL keeps catering to its dumbest employees when they complain about having to work with a gay guy.

I think this is what parents must feel like when they realize to their relief that their kids turned out not to be assholes.*

*-I'm no parent, but I've always thought that has to be pretty high on the list of fears.