So my comment has been shared and there’s some more stuff that’s been added that is interesting (I think) but now lost in the thread. So let’s just all talk about poor Gawker’s numbers here.

So for starters, we have the first graph I shared, which is Gawker uniques over six months, not two. I don’t know how to read x-axes.

As you can see, poor Gawker has taken quite the dive in the past six months. Of course, as someone already pointed out in the thread, traffic is seasonal. But taking a look at the last few decembers, we have 12/15 at about 8-ish million uniques. 12/14 they had 19 million uniques, and 12/13 they had 15 million. And of course, this year is an election season for a “political blog.”

Next we have a graph showing Gawkers uniques over the past three years. You can see a definite downward movement.


And finally, here’s the six-month comparison of gawker, jezebel, kotaku, and jalopnik. While there is some movement in the monthly uniques for the last four blogs, it’s nothing like the plummet you see at gawker.

So gawker’s definitely struggling. The drop definitely predates the switch in blog focus, so maybe switch to being a political blog can turn these numbers around.